To Participate in the UNAU Diamonds Pageant, Convener of SDGs Showcase:

  • You must have paid N10,000 for registration and must have the bank teller or any other valid means of confirmation
  • You must conduct yourself properly at all times during participation and eventual reign
  • You must be courteous, disciplined and respectful at all times
  • You must cooperate, obey and comply at all times with the rules and regulations of the pageant
  • You must attend the Organizer’s official functions at all times during the period of the competition
  • You must allow and permit the organizer to use or take photographs for purposes of publicity and promotions
  • Appear on television, radio, film, or print media for the publicity/promotion requirements of the competition
  • You Agree that you have paid the mandatory registration fee, you will go through the voting process, sell tickets, nominate people for awards, get vendors, sponsors and partners who will donate and support the Pageant



Participants Stand to be Disqualified/Dethroned if any of the following occurs:

  • If you carry out official assignment in the name of the crown without consent or any official approval
  • If you are found to be violent in any way or indulge in drug abuse
  • If you contested the Pageant under false pretense or announced a title that was never issued to you by the Pageant (Self Acclaimed Title), Activates an Automatic Dethronement and forfeiture of all Entitlements
  • If you are found to be a rumour monger or propagate misleading information
  • If your goals and aspirations are not in tandem with achieving the UN SDGs and our overall objectives
  • If you disrespect your crown by making inciting and provocative statements
  • If you assault or seen to aid the assault on any member of the pageant
  • If and when crowned, you fail to carry out your duties which include attending official events and charity work when and where required
  • Failure to do so may result in you being stripped off your title which will then go to the 1st runner up or otherwise
  • You will forfeit both your crown and prizes if found wanting
  • If you are no longer residing in Nigeria before the end of your reign
  • If you violate any of the regulations of this Agreement and/or title
  • Failure to perform duties and responsibilities required of you and consistent absence at official functions
  • You must be able to carry through with the other requirements of the competition if you are selected for the grand finale, inability to do this will result in disqualification and you shall be replaced with the runner-up
  • If your credentials are falsified and some of the terms for participation are not met
  • If there is any form of unrest, commotion, disagreement, chaos, assault or misrepresentation caused and traced to you will result in automatic dethronement and forfeiture of every benefits and prizes